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Magic carpet.

I bought this rug at a clothing swap. It's the first real decorative purchase I've made for my home, ever, really. Crazy, right? Everything we have was either a gift for our wedding, a hand me down or a gift for some other occasion. Mark and I are apparently good at attracting what we want into our lives :)
Anyway, I brought it home at night, my girls were asleep. So I unrolled it in the living room and just looked at it for a while. I love it.

Ada loved it too. First words out of her mouth when I showed her: "A magic Carpet!!!!"
I fell even more in love with it.

Anyways, I put it in the bedroom, the girls have lived on it, slept on it, played on it and loved it too. Now we are getting ready to move. I want to unroll it when we get to the new house and be excited so I cleaned it really well, cut off all of the loose threads, rolled it up and put it away. Can't wait to see it again.
That's a lot of loose threads though, right? Crazy. I should've been keeping up on it but of course I didn't. Who cares, I made up for it.

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